Online Training Service


Comprehensive, detailed, and effective for all audiences


Powerful, scenario-based testing and assessment tools


Detailed tracking and reporting on all activities

Courses so good your drivers will ask for more. Tracking so detailed you can see every response to every question on every test. No wonder the system is trusted by hundreds of fleets across the country.

Online Training

Comprehensive, but not complicated. Understandable, but not patronizing. Our courses translate complex regulations into real-world context that drivers understand, providing an interactive learning experience that's equally effective regardless of learning style, language skills, or educational background.

See the full list of modules currently included in the Online Driver Training Service.

Content Creation

Upload Powerpoint, video, and more to make your own company-specific training modules. With support for multiple file formats, automatic conversion and optimization, and flexible configuration options, creating online content has never been easier.

Reporting and Administration

Simple, powerful tools for managing user accounts, assigning courses, and reporting on progress. Print certificates, run reports, track compliance, and analyze trends by terminal, manager, or individual driver. Large fleet or small, administration is easy, flexible, and fast.

Access Anywhere

Login from wherever you like, with any modern device. CarriersEdge works on desktop, or through the satellite - we even have the industry's first dedicated mobile app for driver training!

What People Say

People have had plenty of positive things to say about CarriersEdge, the heart of BCTA Online Training Service:

"Our accident frequency rate has dropped by 75% and fines and inspection violations are down over 95%."

Zavcor Trucking Limited

"We are receiving rave reviews from our drivers, and we've noticed a change in the attitude and quality of our drivers."

Consolidated Fastfrate

"For us, this is the only way to go - a huge saving in training costs with little or no interruption to the movement of freight."

Rosenau Transport Ltd.

"We have used other products in the past, and I must say the CarriersEdge solution has the best online content I've seen."

Day & Ross Inc.

Pricing & Terms

The Online Training Service is available to members at substantially discounted rates - just $4 per person per month!

That's right - a fleet of 50 pays only $200/month for the whole thing. For larger companies, the deal gets even better - sign up 200 people or more and it's just $3 per driver per month.

Fleets with 10 people or less pay a flat rate of $40/month, billed to a major credit card. No matter how you slice it, it's a great deal!

Not sure you want to sign up all your drivers? No problem!

Start with a smaller group and add more as you need them. With the flexible pricing, so you can increase or decrease your user count as you need, and you're never paying for licenses you don't use.

Contract terms are just as attractive - because there isn't one! The service is month-to-month, only requiring 30 days' notice to cancel, so you're not locked in to any long term commitments.

More Information

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